Sailing: expectations vs. reality

Expectations are part of our everyday life and it is hard to fight against the habit of creating ones. The most intensive creating of expectations occurs when we don't have enough experience. Especially, when we can't wait for something, like, for example, a vacation. In case you've already booked a sailing or motor yacht, you've probably rolled over thousands of scenes in your head of scenario how might your sailing vacation look like.

This time we will talk about your current sailing expectations and the reality of how they really look like!

1. Space

Expectation: You've booked a 4-cabin sailing yacht and there are 8 people going on a sailing vacation. Great! As 7-day period is quite a long time, you'll take daily and night outfits and maybe, it will rain or will get cold. And then suddenly, the reality hits you in the face and you realize that there is no enough space in your luggage, so you decide to take another piece of it with you. It wouldn't be bad to take sneakers, flip-flops and sandals, and, if your wife especially likes shoes, that would maybe mean to take all, a bunch of clothes and shoes! At the end, you'll barely manage to drag these bags on the boat.

Reality: Even though the 4-cabin sailing yacht really has a lot of space for such yacht standards, don't forget that boats are made to use the small space to the maximum. No matter each couple/duo will have their own cabin, you'll probably want to spend your time together in the cockpit, sunbathing or jumping in the sea, so it will always look crowded on the boat. Cabins are predicted for the especially for sleeping, and there is no space for large closets, so that pile of clothes/shoes you've brought with you, will probably stay in your luggage, on the floor or anywhere except on the bed. Don't forget – less is more while packing your stuff for a sailing vacation. And you should, definitely, pack your things in soft duffle bags that are easy to fold and put away.


2. Sailing is a sport

Expectation: Is there anything more beautiful than lying down on the bow of the boat and enjoying sea and sun? There is! Seven days of lying down on the bow and enjoying sun and sea! And... reading your favorite book and drinking your cocktail! Easy ride with the sailing yacht from bay to bay, is an ideal journey that will make you feel wind in the hair and do some selfies!

Reality: How your sailing vacation will look like, depends on you and on the agreement of your whole crew. In case there will be some real sailing enthusiasts on your boat, don't expect just to lie around. Sailing is a sport and great number of people rent boats especially because of sailing and they don’t want only to lie around in bays. What does sailing mean in general? Catching the wind in your sails, tightening and pulling the ropes and anchoring the boat in bays. During the sailing, sailing yacht tilts on the left and right side and you can also feel some waves. If you have a long hair, the wind will make a mess of it. Rope can make you blisters on the skin without the proper equipment, and, if you don't practice sport usually, you can expect sore muscles. Don’t worry, it's not that bad, dose of adrenaline will definitely make your experience better!


3. Everyday activities

Expectation: Vacation on a sailing yacht is truly a vacation! Both job, but also everyday activities stay at home. The only thing you wait for, is to take a break from washing the clothes, tidying up the apartment and cooking!

Reality: In order to make sailing a true vacation for you and your crew, it's necessary to plan everything good and some things in advance. You will definitely want to visit some of the most famous restaurants on your route and try some delicacies of the Mediterranean kitchen. But, you will probably use that opportunity during your dinner time. And while you are at sea, you get hungry often so it’s good to prepare meals on board also. The boat you’ll charter has a fully equipped kitchen with the necessary appliances and accessories, so easier meals should not represent any problem to prepare on board. It is very important to plan your meals in advance and accordingly purchase all the necessary groceries. While planning the meals, do not complicate, the kitchen is much smaller than in the apartments, and you cannot cook while sailing because of tilting of the boat. Therefore, reduce your time spent in the kitchen, you're on vacation. If you have a skipper and hostess, you will be relieved of this part of cooking and cleaning. You can wash the clothes manually or in marinas equipped with a laundry service. Croatia has well-developed infrastructure across the coast and islands, so it will not be difficult to find a good marina. Therefore, sailing with small children is definitely not a problem, and more about sailing with children you can read here.


4. Insta sailing

Expectation: We live in a digital times and it's almost unimaginable to have a vacation without mobile phones, tablets or laptops. Social media, messages and video calls are the channels that enable us to stay in contact with our dear ones anywhere in the world. You will want to call your friends from one of the beautiful bays and tell them you miss them! And during this vacation, you'll make wonderful photos for your social networking profiles.

Reality: Although we are adjusted for living in the digital environment, in Croatia there are coves and some special national park areas where there is no mobile and Internet signal. Of course, there are only a few of them, but hopefully you have brought a good crew so you can have fun with and without mobile devices! During your sailing, it will be difficult to make a selfie or a photo that will make your hairstyle perfect, but when you are anchored in any of the many silent and quiet bays you will be able to make your perfect scenario photos. Ultimately, we strongly recommend that you make as much photos and videos as possible during sailing (for your private collection) to help you remember nice moments during the winter months. Or, even better, put away your device and soak up every inch of this beautiful experience. You will be glad!

Finally, even though the boat is a narrow space, you do not need a bunch of stuff, even though you will probably have to prepare meals in that small kitchen on board and do some everyday activities, it doesn’t matter, because, when you work in a team with good friends or family, everything is easier and much better than usually.

Sailing in Croatia is a unique experience for everyone. And we believe you will enjoy every moment of it. If you have any of these expectations, we hope that we’ve managed to make reality of this beautiful experience even closer to you. Sailing is a combination of active and passive vacation, and the ratio of these activities depends on you. Create your own vacation!

Take a good book, social game and guitar, and use your vacation to relate to people who are with you on board. We hope you will have a dream vacation!