5 steps for easier check-in & check-out procedure

There are people who don’t think of vacation planning as pure joy. We understand. But, for a single sailing week, it is necessary to plan the way towards our base, the route you want to sail, to book your berths, plan meals and do plenty of other stuff in order to avoid potential last minute chaos. We’re bringing you five useful steps that will guide you through the procedure of check-in and check-out procedures before and after your embarkation. So, here is what you can do to make the whole process more comfortable:

1. Before your arrival at our Pula base

After you receive our booking confirmation and contract, you must send us needed information about your crew. We will send you link with the online crew list formular at least seven days before your embarkation where you'll be able to insert all the necessary data on a very simple way. That procedure will make your check-in at our reception go much faster, as crew list is the document without which you cannot sail out.

If needed, during your booking procedure, make sure that you state out that you need a skipper service onboard so we can organize a professional skipper for you on time.

At least four weeks before your arrival at the base, you can inform us if you would like to have "Early check-in" which is ideal if you arrive in our Pula base earlier and want to go onboard and sail out as soon as possible. This service enables guests to have earlier check-in procedure and access to the boat by 13:00. (normally, official check-in on the boats starts from 17 h). As we want to ensure quality service to all our guests, we have a limited number of "Early check-in" packages for each Saturday so pre-reservation of this service is required.

In case you want to book SUP (stand up paddle) and some other extras you would like to have onboard with you during your 7- day sailing trip, we suggest you let us know to prepare everything in advance and on time.

Also, it is necessary to announce your pet arrival if you plan to take them with you. Only small pets are welcome onboard at our base (on advance request only), and price for pet cleaning, like all other services, can be found in our price list.

We also offer you some extra services that will make your arrival at our base easier. If you decide to go on vacation via airplane, we can arrange a TRANSFER from and to nearby airports of Pula and Rijeka to our base. Feel free to contact us for all details.

2. Arrival in Pula

Official boat check-in starts at 5 pm, but if you come earlier, come to our office which is located directly opposite of pier 8. to make all the necessary documents, so you can be ready when we inform you that your boat is ready for the check-in. If you come earlier than planned, you can spend extra time sightseeing nearby town of Pula, swimming at a nearby beaches or grocery shopping. If your arrival is a bit late, make sure to let our staff know when we can expect you so we can organize everything for your late arrival.

While you are sailing, you can leave your car at parking lot in the marina (KN 70,00 per day / approx. 10 EUR per day). At the entrance to the marina, you get a parking ticket, and at the exit, you pay the amount of money depending on how much time you have spent in the marina. Please bear one thing in mind; payments can only be made in Kuna in cash at the marina exit ramp.

3. Check-in at reception

When checking-in at our reception, we will issue an official crew list that you need to have with you on board, all additional information about your rental and inform you about the time of embarkation. When applying at the reception, the following obligatory boat extras are required:

TOURIST TAX is 10,00 Kuna per person per day and is paid only in cash in Kuna. Prepare your money on time, and in case you might need, there are also exchange office and ATM near our office.

TRANSIT LOG service includes final cleaning of the boat, bed linen and cooking gas; you can pay it in cash only (EUR, KUNA).

DEPOSIT OR DEPOSIT INSURANCE BEFORE BOATING is obligatory. The deposit serves as a deposit for any minor damages that may arise on a boat and are not covered by casco insurance. You can pay it with credit card or in cash, and if at the check-out procedure with EOL staff everything is right with the boat, the whole amount will be refunded to you. In case of any damage, it will be deducted from the deposit amount (the full amount of the deposit is the maximum amount you can pay for the damage).
We also offer NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT INSURANCE. You can buy it instead of the regular deposit and covers your costs of any damage on the boat except for the loss of a dinghy, outboard engine, SUP, complete damage on the sails or clogged toilets.

The official boat check-in starts from 17:00 h since all our boats need to be technically inspected and cleaned for new clients. Bear in mind that after embarkation on the boat, you may have to wait a while for our skipper to come to your boat and start an official application with you. While you wait, please prepare all potential questions for our skipper.

4. Check-in on a boat

There are two persons in charge of the official check-in of the boat - Eol Yachting skipper + 1 member of the crew (normally skipper who is also stated at the official crew list and who possesses the skipper license). They check if the whole boat equipment is in its place and if it functions correctly. You will also get both; instructions about all the most important fuses and work of the specific boat model, and the instructions about the toilet, gas, refrigerator and outboard engine usage.

Standard boat equipment is listed in its specifications which you can also check in advance at our web site under each boat model. Safety onboard is our priority, and all our boats have life jackets for max number of persons on board, safety belts, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, etc. according Croatian law regulation.

Depending of boat model, kitchen is equipped with stove, oven, refrigerator, sink, basic kitchen supplies and cutlery adjusted to the maximum boat capacity. One bedlinen set (sheets, pillows, pillow cases and light duvets) is ensured for each cabin + salon. The standard electricity onboard is 12V, the same as in the car. Bear in mind that standard 220V charging you can use only while staying in marinas and ports that have 220V connections for boats.

Feel free to ask all potential additional questions or eventual confusions during the check-in, in order to sail out without any concerns about the vessel’s usage.

5. Check-out

You should return the boat at the same place and pier where you embarked, latest on Friday until 18:00 with check-out procedure on Saturday morning by 09:00 so that we have enough time to clean the boat and technically check it for the new clients, like we did for you.

Please leave enough time to return the boat with full fuel tank as you took it. Also, count on possible crowds during Friday or Saturday at the gas station in Marina Veruda, Pula. Boat should be left in the same condition as you took it, dishes and the rest of other kitchen cutlery should be put back in their place, and trash should be thrown in the garbage can.

Your official check-out starts when you return the boat on the pier, together with our skipper who will check the condition of returned boat and you will sign the check-out list. If there will be no boat and inventory damage, the same amount of deposit will be returned to you at our reception. If there is boat damage or some part of inventory missing, the appropriate amount of money will be deducted from your safety deposit (unless you are deposit insurance user).

The last step is heading back home. It is always difficult to go back to your real-life after a week of relaxing vacation, but when you bring home many beautiful memories and already start with the idea of planning your sailing holiday for the next time (believe us, you will ), that disembarkation gets much easier.

Please check our Great charter offers and sail with at your first chance. Contact us!